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While dentures are often associated with old age, dentures and implant supported dentures can be the solution for your missing teeth…

The reason for getting dentures is to replace any missing teeth in your mouth, whether that might be all your teeth or just a few, dentures might be the solution for you. While dentures are most commonly associated with the elderly the fact is that anyone at any age can benefit from dentures if they are missing teeth. At Geoffrey Debb Dental in Holland Park we can do a full assessment on your mouth to determine the best treatment for your missing teeth, this may involve dentures, crowns, bridges or implants.

Breaking the elderly stigma attached to dentures…

Dentures or ‘false teeth’ are used to replace missing teeth; this treatment equally applies to people who are missing a few teeth as much as it applies to those who have lost all of their teeth, regardless of their age. Dentures look and behave in the same way as your natural teeth and are a popular alternative to missing teeth. It would probably surprise you how many people under the age of 30 have implants or implanted supported dentures. Because they look so natural many dentures go unnoticed and can provide a great solution for missing teeth at any age.

There are a couple types of dentures…

  • Full or complete dentures: these are designed to replace all the missing teeth in both your upper and lower jaw. We do both the conventional type of denture, which is designed to be worn a month after full tooth extraction and immediate dentures that can be worn straightaway but will require some adjustments later on.
  •  Partial dentures: this type of denture replaces the spaces left by a few missing teeth. There are two types of partial denture: fixed and removable.
  •  Dental Implants: they are rooted in the bone, there is no artificial plastic on the roof of the mouth, and the need for adhesives and denture creams is eliminated, these dentures are permanently fixed to the implants.

Are dentures right for me?

At Geoffrey Debb Dental we will do a full mouth assessment to determine the best treatment for your missing teeth. Replacing your missing teeth should be a priority the teeth that are situated next to any gaps may start to sag inwards which can cause problems with biting and chewing food. Your teeth provide shape and tone to your cheeks so tooth loss can cause them to take on a sunken, drawn appearance. By leaving your missing teeth untreated, your jaw may also start to lose bone density. This can happen because the vital nutrients that live in the roots of your teeth and that help to maintain bone tissue are missing which can prevent your mouth from stimulating bone growth.

Here at Geoffrey Debb Dental in Holland Park we will evaluate your current and past oral heath to develop an appropriate plan for your missing teeth. Missing teeth may result from periodontal gum disease, tooth decay, an accident or injury, and while you may feel that losing a couple of teeth isn’t a big problem there can be long term consequences of this, which is why it is so important to contact us as soon as possible.

No longer do people need to associate denture with old age, new modern technology and techniques have allowed us to replace your teeth with natural and undetectable options. If you are suffering from tooth loss don’t feel embarrassed inquiring about dentures. Replacing your gaps in your smile with dentures will not age you, but leaving the gaps, that can cause your jaw to deteriorate, and your cheeks to sink in and that can certainly age the appearance of your face.

 If you are missing teeth and would like to enquire about our denture or cosmetic treatment options please don’t hesitate to call 07 3397 1923 or contact us online