Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Do you live in Holland Park or any surrounding Brisbane suburbs like Tarragindi, Coorparoo or Mt Gravatt and have a dental emergency? Call Dr Geoffrey Deeb today.

07 3397 1923

Dr Geoffrey Deeb is a fast acting emergency dentist. He and his team at Geoffrey Deeb Dental will always do their best to be available in the case of a dental emergency. We welcome new patients and HCF members as well as existing patients to contact Dr Deeb when you need an emergency dentist. On arrival to our dental practice, our team will work quickly to deliver prompt emergency dental care.

There are plenty of parking spaces outside the practice to help to alleviate any stresses when looking for parking. We are located on the ground floor to assist with disability access.

What is your dental emergency?

Dr Deeb and his team are highly capable of treating patients who have had an accident or trauma damage to their teeth, gums and jaw. The three most common emergencies we face at our practice are:

  1. Pain coming from the tooth
  2. Accidental crack, breakage or tooth loss
  3. Emergency dental extraction

All of these scenarios can be quite traumatic for the patient. To help with any pain the patient may be experiencing, we offer some pain relief options when required.

What to do in a dental emergency

In a dental emergency, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. Here are a few tips to help you get through your dental emergency.


In the case of a toothache, we recommend that you or the person with the ache tries rinsing the mouth with some warm water. This should provide some temporary relief from pain or gum problems.

Floss in a gentle manner to remove and debris from around the tooth. If you feel it is necessary, over the counter pain relief medication in moderation may be able to assist with temporary relief. Do not place any pain relief medication against the teeth or gums. This can lead to burning of the oral tissues.

If pain persists, contact our team at Geoffrey Deeb Dental for an appointment. We will be able to analyse your oral situation and discern the nature of your pain.

Broken or chipped tooth

Call our dental team immediately — especially if the person is experiencing sensitivity or pain. Apply cold pressure to the area to minimise swelling.

Knocked out tooth

When a tooth is knocked out, there is a chance you can save it and replant it but it is important that you follow this guide:

  • Find the tooth (if you haven’t already) and pick it up by the top part so not to damage the cementum that will hold it in place.
  • The best thing to do with it now is place it in the mouth of the patient. Saliva is the best cleaner for the tooth. If they don’t want to put it in their mouth and there is milk nearby, gently rinse it in the milk. Third alternative is to rinse it in some water but be careful not to scrub the tooth.
  • Once it is clean, gently place the tooth back in the person’s socket if possible. Make sure it is facing the right way around and secure it with a damp wrap. If it won’t go back into place, place it in a small cup with some of the person’s saliva or some milk if they are unable to do that.
  • Call Dr Deeb on 07 3397 1923 to let us know that you are on your way and make sure you bring the tooth with you.

Emergency Dentist Brisbane

If you are a new patient or an existing patient and are in need of an emergency dentist, call our team at Geoffrey Deeb Dental on 07 3397 1923 and let us know about your unique situation so we can walk you through the best way to get through your situation today.

If you are looking for a bright, healthy, beautiful smile, come and see the experienced team at Geoffrey Deeb Dental. Call 07 3397 1923 or click here to email us.