Dental Implants

Dental implants have become a treatment of choice for people missing one tooth, a number of teeth, or all teeth, and for those with failing teeth that will eventually need replacing.

Tooth loss can also cause the jaw bone to deteriorate and remaining teeth to migrate within your mouth. However,  through dental implants we are able to offer a permanent solution by providing a solid foundation for prosthetic teeth.

Brisbane dental implants

The passionate team here at Geoffrey Deeb Dental can improve the appearance, functionality and health of your smile with a wide range of advanced dental implant options to suit your unique needs.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, a few teeth, or all the teeth on one or both arches of your mouth.
  • Dental implants are fixed in place and do not move. Therefore, there is no slipping or clicking as with dentures.
  • Implant supported teeth are the closest thing possible to natural teeth. They look, feel and function just like your natural teeth.
  • Dental implants allow you to eat all the foods you like, just as with natural teeth.
  • Dental implants have proven to be reliable, with a 95% or higher success rate. The success of dental implants is supported by decades of clinical experience and hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients
  • Dental implants and your new teeth can be placed without impacting other healthy teeth. This is not true with traditional bridges, which require filing down of healthy adjacent teeth to support the bridge. These filed down teeth often fail within just a few years, requiring more and expensive dental work.
  • Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants are placed into and fuse with the bone in your jaws. This not only provides stability, but also prevents bone loss and atrophy that normally results from missing teeth.
  • Dental implants provide a long-term solution to your dental problems, often lasting a lifetime. Traditional bridges usually must be replaced, often within five years.
  • With dental implants there is no fear of teeth slipping or falling out, no need to avoid activities, no need to restrict what or how you eat, no wire in your mouth, no plastic on the roof of your mouth. Many people with dental implants say they just live better than they did when they had dentures.

Dental Implants Brisbane

Dental implants are a great alternative to traditional tooth replacement methods as they restore full functional and aesthetic qualities of the missing tooth, without damaging the integrity of the surrounding teeth. Dental implants look and perform just like natural teeth. They are rooted in the bone, there is no artificial plastic on the roof of the mouth, and the need for adhesives and denture creams is eliminated. More important, the use of dental implants does not impact healthy, adjacent teeth.

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